Tuesday, December 1, 2009

A 5 dollar adventure

We ventured up into the woods to get our Christmas tree this year. Turns out that it only cost 5 bucks to get a tree cutting permit in Oregon. It was quite the bonding time for the whole fam. Zoey especially loved when we tested the four wheel drive up steep snowy hills and off the road into inches of snow. Eli sampled snow from every surface he could. Jeff was mistaken for sasquatch as he went the distance to try and find the one. Max was a loyal saw carrier. Riley proved she's the burliest of us all in her frequent references to not wearing her coat. Mom was a great supervisor, and evenutally we returned to get the tree she originally had chosen. I promise it was the required 50 feet from the road. And I just looked fabulous as usual.

The view from the supervisors' perspective.
I know Max is well camoflauged here, but I promise he's there, cutting the tree like the burly woodsman he claims to be.
Jeff holds the chosen one.
Cute little round faces!
Mom "helps" the boys put the tree on the car. Take note that the lights are on and doors are open.
Due to our neglectful behavior of leaving lights on, doors open, and no engine running, our battery died. Zoey and I were frightened for a moment.

Luckily we got a hold of Stephanie. An hour and a half after hoisting the tree on top of the car and loading up to go, and just before sunset, we were rescued.

Good memories! Well worth the five bucks! And we learned what we needed in our car for emergencies, most importantly snacks and matches!

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