Monday, December 7, 2009


A few of us in the newsroom got the H1N1 vaccine today. And a sucker, too, because we were good girls.  By the way, that weirdo on the left is yours truly. Center is my future fellow independently wealthy world traveler Chelsea. And on the right is Natalie, a campus editor.

In other news it snowed snowed snowed snowed snowed most of the day today. Of course the streets are a mess and I honestly kind of fear for my life walking home tonight.

And my sinuses are giving me a fun treat to deal with ever few seconds. Sniff, sniff. Other than that I'm rocking and rolling through the end of the term.


Kylee said...

Would you mind sharing some of your snow? I am mad that I have spent all this money on new snow tires and yet we have no snow. Dumb. Love you.

njcrofts said...

I feel like a celebrity being in your blog! And I want to be an independently wealthy world traveler too. It sounds fun. Could we all go somewhere together?