Saturday, December 5, 2009


I made it up to SLC last night to play with some friends. Melanie and I caught some Thai food at one of our favorite little places, Me Kong Cafe. Mmmm. Pad Thai. Though my pork was a little dry. Crap! I forgot my leftovers in Mel's fridge. She, graciously, let me nibble on her yellow curry. Once again, mmmmm.

This morning I went to silly Kathryn's bridal shower in Murray. There was a delicious brunch and much laughter and womanly chatter. Can you believe this silly girl is getting married in less than three weeks?

Now I'm back in Provo, at the Web desk for the DU. Sporting my cute new hat though.

Mel, in her sweetness of trying to be a good host, turned on her humidifier so I could have "white noise"while I slept. This is the second time she's done this for me, and both times I wake up feeling like I caught a cold. Sore throat, runny noise, cough....I was going to bring some tea in my Newseum mug to help sip this silly cold away, but, lucky for me, my roommate had taken it with her on whatever stupid errands she went on. Very frustrating.

And here's an enjoyable tune that just popped up on I liked it.

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Sandra said...

What! How dare your roomate take your mug! What is her dizzle?