Monday, July 26, 2010

Like a virgin

Eric, in all his many years of being an East Oregonian has never made it to a rodeo. Shocking, right?! So, when I realized Chief Joseph Days were coming up, I snatched off a Friday afternoon from work and headed to one of my favorite places on earth, with the Rodeo Virgin in tow.

On the way up we grabbed "Oregon Berry" shakes at the Lil' Bear in Lostine. They were great treats, featuring blueberries, marionberries, blackberries and ....possibly huckleberries?

We had fun exploring an antique store, almost purchasing some tobacco pipes and an old yellow chair - but refraining.

We made it up to Joseph where we did a quick duck into the market to pick up some picnic supplies. Okay, maybe it was a little longer because I, of course, had to use the ladie's room. We reached the Wallowa Lake Marina and procured a paddle boat for the hour. A very romantic, sur l'eau (on the water) picnic ensued.

Can't you just feel the romance?
We changed into our rodeo get-ups, found dicounted tickets and hit the arena stands. Eric was enthralled by the amount of double-fisted beer drinking going on, the various types of cowboy hats, the monkey/dog goat herders and my beauty, of course.
On the way down from the riotous ruckus, he was inducted into the Blue Banana Hall of Fame, and saved me from a possessed bat that may have been screaming at us as we trespassed into an abandoned house.
We made it safely back to Grandma's where we tucked ourselves in for the night.

The next day we picked up Morgan and Zoey and headed up Catherine Creek to do some exploring around a rumored "ice cave." Some fireworks, mosquito bites, and dusty pant bottoms later we hit the natural spring for the second time that day, quenched our thirst and soaked our weary feet. It was like a scene from "A River Runs Through It."
(I'm sorry, I have no pictures of this day, just use that rusty imagination of yours.)
Eric was also a Cove Drive-In newbie, so we all grabbed bacon-cheeseburgers, fries and some ice cream. Money well-spent.

The rest of the afternoon was spent playing card games, dominoes and some pretty exciting games of croquet in Grandma's yard. And Zoey may have helped me soak Eric with the yard hose.

It was fun get-a-way. Though tiring. And the virgin may have gotten the ultimate seal of approval, a hug from Grandma!

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Dan-o said...

So did you ever find the ice cave? Ther is supposed to be one near Catherine Creek State park