Friday, July 16, 2010

sometimes on my lunch break i go to the cemetery and read. or just sit. 

today was one of those days. it is so peaceful and calm. after reading a good article about "acting in all diligence" i just laid on my back and felt the breeze lift the ends of my hair, as i lay under the shade of a leafy green tree. i felt the sun peak through it's branches and kiss my freckled skin. 

there was a burial today. at one o'clock on a friday afternoon. 

i have a particular spot i like to go, and for the first time after many times of sitting here, i noticed that just a stone's throw away were the final resting places of many WWII heroes. there was some kind of calm that came from knowing i had soldiers at the ready. 

in a world where the pace seems to keep picking up, and in a life that seems so fragile and noisy, it is nice to find moments to just sit and be still. i encourage you to find some time to do the same. 

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Sandra said...

Wasnt' it a bit warm for the hoodie? Hmmm, gee, wonder whose it is?!