Tuesday, July 6, 2010

McNary Beach

I'm going to try and ignore the fact that my 7 month old Macbook Pro trackpad is malfunctioning and share with you a little of what my day looked like:

My sweetheart of a boss let me skip out on work early and take the sibs to the river for some hours of fun consuming mass amounts of vitamin D and cooling our hot bods in the murky waters of the Columbia.

There was a lot of literal mud-slinging, sand digging, seashell finding, synchronized Y-M-C-A-ing, exfoliating, Mexican culture immersion, laughter, yelling and a good ol' time.

While there are no pictures of me in the water (ah the joys of being a photographer) I would just like to say that I totally smoked Mr. Hot-Shot-14-Year-Old-Deep-Voiced-Brother-Who-Wants-To-Be-Referred-To-As-A-Dolphin-Not-A-Shark-Or-Killer-Whale-Max in a swim out to the buoy line. That was until we both noticed, at the same time, that our feet were being swallowed by massive amounts of creepy water moss foilage, screamed and squealed while mad dashing back to shallow waters. Good times, I'm telling you.
The boys thought the mud was almost as cool as wrestling each other.

This would be my 16 year-old diva of a sister. You'll see no pictures of her in the water because she barely put her toes in. Though I did give her an excellent exfoliating mud mask.

And that is all for today, I suppose.

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