Friday, October 14, 2011


Yesterday, prior to my regular OB appointment, I made a friendly visit to the hospital lab to get started on a routine 1-hour glucose test. 

You have to drink 10 oz. of the sweetest soda-like substance in the world, within five minutes, and then exactly 1 hour later they draw your blood and run some kind of test on it. 

The lab tech gal was very nice and got me some crushed ice in a cup. 

It was pretty painless. 

However, they called today and said my test came back abnormal. 


The doctor was just remarking 24 hours ago how perfectly normal and "textbook" my pregnancy has been and is expected to be. And how he thought my risk of having a c-section was less than 9% when for most first time moms it's around 15%. 

I'm trying not to worry much, because about half of all women who get abnormal results on the 1 hour test pass the 3 hour glucose test just fine and don't develop gestational diabetes. And only 1-5% of all pregnancies end up with the mother developing gestational diabetes.

I'm taking my 3 hour glucose test Monday. 
More fasting. And more blood drawing. Something like 3-5 times during that three hour period. 
Luckily, my work has continually been very understanding of my appointments. 
I'm trying not to be a drama mama, but it's my first time, and I'm a little anxious.

Send some positive chi my way, eh? 

P.S. Holla over to my pal, Betty, on turning a quarter of a century yesterday! 
Whew, I think that makes you "vintage" which is totally in right now. 

Stay classy!


Sarah said...

Don't worry too much. I know many many girls who have failed the first one. Good luck!

Kylee said...

My friend here had the same results the first time around and everything came back normal the second round. You will be fine too, friend. Regardless the results God is watching over you and this little one. Love you and see you tomorrow!

kbax said...

i thought maybe that picture of us was going to be an explanation for your diabetes...mmm...cake...
but we really shouldn't repost that picture anymore. ew.