Thursday, October 20, 2011

it's raining babies

No word from my prompt doctor. No news is still good news, right? 

My lovely mother threw me a lovely baby shower last weekend. Morgan, Aunt Steph and Liz all were contributors who deserve kudos for helping it be an enjoyable time. It was so nice to have so many friends around! I couldn't believe that Laura and Jen both made the drives down and over . . . what swell folks! Here's a photo recap.

(I tried to put captions on these photos four different times. Blogger sucks. So, make up your own captions. It's like a fun game!)

Fun, fun. Thanks to all who came, or stopped by. Your presence was much appreciated!
Now, for some rocky road ice cream because the doctor hasn't told me no yet. 
Yeah, I'm a boundary pusher. Hard core like that. 


Stephanie said...

It was a fun afternoon! Lucky baby Lougee is all set in the onesie department.

HollBurd said...

Cute onesies! Baby Lougee is going to be stylin