Saturday, November 3, 2012

Enough is Enough

I missed writing yesterday - Eric came home from an overnight field trip to Portland and my posting got lost in the shuffle. And so today I must be grateful for TWO things, and that is hard. Jk, but really. What a brat I must be. 

I am so grateful for modern transportation. Can you believe how quickly we can get across the country if we wanted to? Or even across the valley? I think about how people would go visit someone who was only 15 miles away and stay the night because it did take so long and was hard on the animals they relied upon. We're going to Rexburg for Thankgiving and that's only possible because of modern transportation. And it's pretty luxurious considering in the 1800s you rode in a saddle, walked or sat on a hard bench of a carriage/buggy or wagon. 

And secondly I'm grateful for always having enough. Maybe I've not always had a lot, or ever been wealthy, but I've never wanted for a roof over head, a bed to sleep in, food to eat or clothes to wear. I've always had enough of what's truly needed and important - including love and family and faith, but those are for other posts - and for that I'm so very, very appreciative. 

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