Thursday, December 20, 2007


I just thought I'd take a minute and give a quick update.

These past two weeks have been out of control. I was so busy everyday it seemed! Last week was papers galore, this week was tests. Plus, right on que, I came down with a cold. So I've been tired, stressed and sick. Finally, I feel the burden of almost all of that off my chest. I am just glad to put this semester behind me.

Monday Kara and I got a HUGE pizza from this pizza place up the road called Nina's Original New York Pizza. We often go in and just get a huge slice. This time we got the whole pizza, the big apple size. We took some pics and maybe I can get those from Kara and post some. We are talking probably a two foot in diameter pizza. It was delicious, and super filling.

Tonight, Jeremy and I went out to dinner at this place called Goodwood Barbecue, I think. It was fun! It was nice after two weeks of chaos to just let loose and unwind. The food was good, the atmosphere nice. For desert we got this raspberry, blackberry, huckleberry cobbler with french vanilla ice cream. We were so full, but it was so delicious. I had a really good time with Jeremy tonight, I am excited to see him after the holiday. He js just a great guy who treats me so well and tries his best to take care of me, if I let him. He is always very complimentary, too. Today he told me he liked the sweater I was wearing and that I looked good in it.

There is so much more I could write, but I must get to bed, I am headed home bright and early in the morning. Actually, it'll probably still be dark. It is snowing here, but I hope that the roads won't be too bad. I am excited to get home and finally enjoy what is left of the holiday season, to see family, friends, and to have a much needed break from school.

In case I don't post again til then, Merry Christmas! I can't believe it is only a few days away!

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