Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Muckin About

I started work last week. Yay. Back to the Sawdust Festival. I sure do love having sawdust in every imaginable crevace. Oh, and I can't forget how great it feels to hack up a lung or sneeze every hour because I breathe in tiny wood particles for eight hours a day, five days a week. Love it.

The holiday weekend was fun! Saturday I went up to Meacham area with Randy. His best friend Steven's grandpa (Bob) has a cabin up there. We spent the day four wheelin' and shooting. It rained on us, but it was still a great time. I was able to see the mountain from places I never had. It was absolutely beautiful.

I also shot Steven's new Smithinweson 40 caliber handgun. It was such fun to shoot, such power! I have decided that I love shooting handguns and pistols the most. I kind of want a tiny .22 for my birthday, maybe I will buy one when I finally get paid!

Sunday was also a nice day. I taught the lesson in Relief Society on "Good, Better, and Best." The lesson went pretty well. That evening I went up mushroom hunting with my mom, Zoey, Riley, and Eli. We got rained on as is tradition. We found enough calfbrains and morels for a decent meal, but couldn't leave until lil' Zoey finally found a mushroom. Which she did, after about an hour, and it was a tiny little thing, but she sure was proud.

Today is my mom's 47th (yep I told the world Ma) birthday! I love her a bunch and appreciate all she does for her family. I love her little eccentricities, too. Like her love of HGTV (Home and Gardent channel), her love for Toby Keith, and the way she wishes every old and cool house was hers. You can find her thoughts on growing old and crippled at Love ya Maj!

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Sandra said...

You are so funny. Not only do you get gauge wrong, it is a Smith & Wesson, silly, not Smithinwesson! Such an Annie Oakley!