Tuesday, October 28, 2008

The end of October...

Well October is near it's end, and I can't figure out where it went!

Not too much to say. This week I'm wrapping up some midterms that I have before heading off to Las Vegas on Friday. In case you don't know, I am going to Vegas with a group of College Republicans from across Utah and even some from Idaho. We are going to be working for the McCain/Palin team, knocking on doors and getting people out to vote. Should be a really great time, lots of work, but lots of fun. They are paying for everything, hotel, food, transportation, and even giving us 20 bucks to pay for whatever on the way there and back. It's a sweet package. And the hotel they are putting us in is brandnew.... It is the Wingate Hotel.You can check it out at http://www.wingatelasvegas.com/html/photogallery.html.

I'm putting my ballot in the mail this morning on my way to the gym! It's my first time being eligible to vote in a Presidential Election. I'm pretty excited about it. I also voted in some other key competitions. I feel so patriotic!

Last week I wrote an editorial for The Daily Universe, BYU's newspaper. Every week they have someone from College Democrats and someone from College Republicans write an aritcle about a topic. My topic was on taxes. Sadly, the newspaper made some edits that took away from my article, but it was still fun none the less.

Saturday I went to my first football game of the season! Student tickets were sold out for the season before I could buy them, but a guy in one of my journalism classes had three friends who weren't using theirs. So I scalped one and watched a close game between the Cougs and UNLV. It was a beautiful autumn day. Prime for watching football. Though, looking around classes on Monday, lots of people got sunburned. I got a little sun, but then held a paper up the last half of the game to keep from getting scorched. We won 42-35 in a nailbiting last few minutes. I love football!

Yesterday Mclain came up and helped me change my rear left turn signal light. What a gem he was! I had made some homemade chicken noodle soup for sick little Kara, and made sure Mac had two bowls of it! Poor kid. We visited for a while after, and made plans to go to church with him sometime in November so he can meet some good people. It was a good weekend, though fairly unproductive when it came to school stuff.

Oh, something of little consequence. Went on a blind date Saturday night. Kara's old boyfriend Brenton, is on a mission in New Mexico, and one of his companions just got home. Jordan Davis was his name. Totally awkward, totally someone I wouldn't be attracted to, but he was really nice. We just got hot cocoa at Barnes & Noble, looked a magazines, chatted, then met up with my roommates to go to a "masquerade" themed dance party. It went down hill from there. It was just so awkward, and he had to be so close to me.... Sometimes I'm so over single life.

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Sandra said...

I believe I talked to you several times and the only thing you mentioned is Mclain coming over and the soup. Hmmmm. So secretive!
Sounds like fun stuff to me, though.