Friday, October 31, 2008

GOTV Day 1

Today was Day One of the Get Out the Vote trip to Vegas. We rolled in around 9:30. There was about an hour of chaos. I ended up in my own very sweet room, with a huge king bed, a huge bathroom, a big TV, my own fridge and microwave, and safe to put my valuables in.

I keep forgetting it is Halloween. Lots of little (teenage) girls were going out to the strip tonight. But I am so exhausted from getting everything done to get here, and my lack of sleep, that I'm staying in tonight. I'll go out to the strip tomorrow night.

We've got a 24 hour pool and spa. Free wireless. Complimentary USA Today. Huge complimentary breakfast in the morning. Anyway, I better get to bed. We have a lot of walking to do tomorrow.

Oh, and I ran three straight miles yesterday, non-stop. Took me 32 minutes. But, I was excited.

Peace Out from the campaign trail.....

1 comment:

Cameron said...

I hope Nevada comes through for Mcain with your help. Enjoy Vega$$$...