Thursday, November 6, 2008

NObama and NOvember

Here it is November....It was November 4th, and I thought, "It can't really be November. It doesn't feel like November. I'm still living in October." I was in Vegas. When I left my real life (because I guess life in Vegas wasn't real) it was still October. The temperature outside -- in the 70s -- told me it was not November. Don't worry, reality slapped me in the face, when the election results rolled in (most dampening to the spirits was the call of Ohio to Obama) and when we walked off the bus in Provo to snow flurries.

We have a President-Elect Obama, not quite my choice. I have lots of pictures, and will post the quality ones for you here soon. As for right now I need to make some grub and catch some Grey's. I just wanted to let you know that pictures are on their way, and give you a little sneak peak....

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