Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Vegas Monday/Tuesday

This is David and I, showing off our McCain/Palin tees and busting out the "M" for McCain. Unfortunately, David doesn't know what an M looks like. Me hugging a palm tree, just like any Oregonian would do.
These fools didn't quite get the idea.....

A group of callers. They set us up outside in the beautiful Vegas sun. The guy with the hat's name is Stuart. He's a jew. He was a little creepy (not because he was a Jew) because he kind of what being too nice to the girls. But, we had some good discussions about religion. The lady in the red hat is from Arizona. Her name is Susan, she is LDS and her husband is a judge in Arizona. She is also cousins with Gordon Smith, the U.S. Senator from Oregon who just lost his seat to a Democrat.

After a long day of calling they let us go to the McCain rally. 11,000 people!

This is Doug. He is a developer in Las Vegas. He is a great guy. Not LDS, but really appreciates the LDS people and culture. He hooked Dave and I up with some pretty prime seats at the rally. Pretty much he thinks we are the shiz.
Me at the rally. That's good ol' John on stage. The camera makes it look like I was farther than I was. I could see his old man dimples! Joe Lieberman and a slew of other Capitol Hillists were with him. It was such an awesome experience.

After the rally. David, Me, Emily, and Greg. Greg is president of BYU College Republicans and a great guy. Emily is on the executive board with the rest of us. We were kind of the crew during the five day trip. We have this joke that David and Greg are gonna run against each other for public office and Emily and I are going to be their first ladies.... This is us practicing our presidential poses.

Our sweet ride.

This is where they sent us to knock on doors aka "walk precints" and get people to get out and vote. Lot's of folks out here, as you can see... P.S. this is Mesquite.

After realizing we had lost, we went up to gamble our blues away. Just kidding. But, we were at a results party at the Venetian. It was kind of cool. Aside from the whole losing part and everybody being in a bitter, grumbly mood.

The "In N Out Burger" of Las Vegas, right next to the strip. Pretty tastey. Right after taking this picture they told me I couldn't take pictures.....

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