Sunday, November 16, 2008


The past few days have been busy, but fun.
Thursday was a long day. I finished it off with a dance party. The College Republicans held a "Blacklight Dance Party" to close out the election season and make use of the empty RNC headquarters. We had tacos, took a 30 minute intermission to watch "The Office" and then danced like crazies. I don't go to a lot of dance parties, but it was fun to let go and go crazy.

Friday morning I had a "Newswriting" lab, and a midterm. Powered through both of those like the powerhouse that I am....

Friday night Dave and I got some dinner at "Legends Grill" which is a food place on campus that is next to the BYU athletics memoribilla from all sports through out the years. So we ate, then quickly looked at some of the stuff (including stuff of Steve Young's), then headed to the men's basketball home opener against Long Beach State. The game was close....too close, our guys were a little rusty and couldn't hit a bucket. We pulled out a win though. Then we got ice cream at this place called SubZero. It's crazy stuff, but yummy. Just to clarify, David and I are just friends, even if we look -- as my mom would said -- chummy.

Saturday morning the roomies and I woke up and went to our Stake service project. We spent a couple hours cleaning up Provo's Pioneer Park --- raking, shoveling, sweeping, etc. It was a fun activity. When I get some of those pictures I will post them.

Saturday evening we had Kara's friend Forrest over and Mclain over for dinner. Mmmm, chili! Then we grabbed some more SubZero for desert. Then we came back here and played the original SuperMario Brothers Nintendo game. "Dunna dunna dunna..." the music still gets stuck in my head. We played for an hour and a half. Mclain and Neisah (the youngins) versus Kara and I (the elders). Good times.

Afterwards I went to the gym and ran four miles! Whoop! It took my 44 minutes, but I didn't stop! Now I just have to power through this week so I can go home Saturday for the holiday.

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Kylee said...

Your are one busy woman. Hope to see you when you are here for the holidays.