Sunday, November 23, 2008

November's end draws near...

Well here I am in La Grande. Tomorrow is the 24th of November. Who knows where all the time flies to? The eternities I suppose. Well just wanted to throw some pictures up:

This is Kara, Me, and Neisah at a Stake Service Project, cleaning up Provo's Pioneer Park. Don't we look so lighthearted? I promise we worked some.
See? Sweeping pine needles!
This was leaving the Baker Valley area on my drive home. I always love hitting Baker. It's like the prelude to home.

I met up with Mom, Stephanie, and Grandma at the Cove "Something Special Bizarre." As I perused the booths I came upon these unique Christmas decorations. Yes, that would be Christmas lights stuffed in liquor bottles. Only in Eastern Oregon.

After a curry and gyoza dinner shared with the Smiths, Morgan, Riley and I made popcorn balls. I had a hankerin to make them yesterday, so it became our Sunday evening activity. It was funny fun.

Cute cousins.

Look how much I enjoyed myself! Ridiculous amounts apparently!

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