Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Friday, Saturday, Sunday in Vegas....

Here we are, loading the bus on Friday afternoon. This is outside of the RNC headquarters, which is above this Thai Ruby restaurant, in a place that used to be a pizza parlor... My sick room at the Wingate that I had all to myself! Vaulted ceilings, king size was great.
Greg and David on Saturday morning, in the van, heading to headquarters.

Henderson headquarters.

Me! So excited to be by a huge McCain/Palin sign!

Loved this sign!

The phone bank at the headquarters.

Getting ready to walk our first precints. We were in a heavily republican place by a golf course. This is Greg, David, and Emily.

Emily and I walking the precints.

David, Me, Emily and Greg waiting for Rudy Guiliani.
You see how close I was?? It was great. He was in the back of a pickup. Sarah Palin's brother, Chuck Heath, was with him.

This Sarah Palin's mom, Sally, and dad, Chuck. They were around headquarters for a couple days. Such sweet, down to earth people. I loved them! Sally kissed me on the cheek at some point. Chuck handed me a Diet Pepsi. We met Sarah's husband, Todd's, parents. They were nice folks, too.



well nice experience

Sandra said...

Fun pictures and funny narrative, especially the tree hugging part!

You and David seemed quite chummy. Is he the guy you went out with last weekend?