Sunday, March 29, 2009


Quick Update:

Went to a farewell gathering for Mary Baum. Saw a bunch of old friends!

School. Got an e-mail at 4:56pm informing me that I had been one of the select few placed in the New Design & Media track. Woot! I felt special.

Busy busy. Attended a debate where the College Democrats debated for no gun control and the College Republicans debated for control. I was in charge of refreshments.


Went to Bride Wars at the dollar theatre. Loved it more the second time!


I got a hair cut! Bangs! Ahhhhh!!! Then Kara and I ate at this delicious burger & fry place called Sammy's. It was so good. I had a snickers shake. They actually put a whole candy bar in it. Mmmm.


Participated in the Stakewide service project, cleaning up some city parks. Then I got lunch with my friend Mel who came into town. Then I went to the gym and ran 5 miles! That's the most I've ever ran consecutively without stopping! Woot for me again! Then, after a much needed shower, Kate and I went to SLC where (after a long wait in line) we saw the amazing Rachael Yamagata in concert (her songs have been featured on such soundtracks as that for The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants movie)! Oh, she is so great. Afterward we got her to sign some posters we tore off of the venue walls, and even got a picture with her. She said my name was "sexy." She's so great! It was an awesome moment in my life.

Church. D word snow. Then Kara, Kate, and I joined some others in the ward and went to a rest home where we sang hymns and talked with the old folks. One guy is our favorite. His name is Royal and he's a Ford truck man.

Busy, but great week! Can'twait for the semester to be over and for the 60 degree weather to return.....

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Sandra said...

Where is Mary Baum going, and I like the bangs!