Thursday, March 12, 2009

"Psych, I'm a Babylonian!"

I have a love hate relationship with two of my classes. The first love-hate relationship is with my Poli Sci 202 class, which is history of modern political theory. I love it, because my teacher is pretty funny. He's this Canadian born Democrat, who voted for Obama in his first U.S. Presidential election. He presents the material really well though, it's saturated, not super-dry like a lot of history classes can be. I always come away thinking thoughts that I should probably blog. Like Machiavelli's state of war, or Rousseau's authentic man, or Kant's idea of enlightenment. The downside is that it can be kind of confusing keeping all the philosophies straight, and even harder to take quizzes, exams and write papers on them.

My other love-hate relationship is with my "Writings of Isaiah" class. The only thing I really hate about the class is that it is at 9am. It is brutally hard to wake myself up some mornings. You scoff at the lateness that is 9am, but when you go to bed at after 12 or 1am everynight, it's a little different.

Anyway, I am learning a lot of stuff from this class, and am grateful for the opportunity to go and just learn about my religion! It's hard to imagine a time in life where I will have to rely on Sunday School to teach me everything I want to know, instead of you know, Ph.D in religion types.

So today we were talking about Isaiah 39 when Hezekiah is showing the high and mighties of Babylon all the wealth of his Kingdom and the Lord tells Isaiah to go and tell Hezekiah that one day all of the wealth will be gone. Our teacher, Professor Ball had us personally apply this. We came up with the idea of counciling with the Lord in all our doings. He then suggested such as in deciding on whom to marry because we wouldn't want to get married one day and the next have our spouse say, "Psych, I'm a Babylonian!" It was really funny.

I, being the contrary bear that I am, rose my hand and said, "So this is a cause and effect scripture? Because Hezekiah showed his wealth, then the wealth would be taken away?" Brother Ball then conceded that we aren't sure, but it helps us to personally apply and teach these specific writings of Isaiah. Anyway, just thought that was funny.

Psych, I'm a Babylonian!

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