Saturday, March 7, 2009

Two Years

I've been "blogging" for two years now, woot!

Not too much to report. Just another day. I woke up and studied for a midterm, wrote to a missionary friend, took my midterm (didn't do so hot), came back to the apartment, went to the gym, ran 4 miles (non stop, I think for the first time), came home and showered, treated myself to a cheeseburger..... I was supposed to get together with my friend Emily to watch some historical drama, but her dad has been in the hospital after suffering a bad heart attack, and he's back in the ICU, so she was there tonight instead. So, cleaned for cleaning checks in the morning. Like I said, not much to report. I've been working on getting classes straightened out for the summer, getting applications done, yadda yadda.

Taylor Swift is going to be in Nampa, Idaho on May 17th. A Sunday. I want to go so badly, is that so wrong???

Here's a picture from last Sunday. The College Republican board had a potluck at our chairman, Skylar's house. It was good times, with people who've become good friends. We can be pretty nerdy though, at one point we were trying to tie Harry Potter to politics, like I said, n-e-r-d-y. We are possibly going to Mexico come April for a service trip, I will keep you updated, as always..... Have a swell weekend!

(Top: Me -2nd Vice Chair, David - 1st Vice Chair, Evan - Treasurer, Skylar - Chairman; Bottom: Mike - Debates/Speakers, Aly - Public Relations/Recruitment, Stacey - Public Relations/Recruitment)


Sandra said...

I think you should definately go see Taylor Swift and take Zoey and Riley with you. I might even want to go.

Christian said...

did you realize the day you wrote this was the one week aniversary of me coming to visit you in your apartment? If not you should have.