Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Up On the Housetop

I realize that it is nigh unto Thursday, and therefore almost closer to next weekend than this weekend last. Alas, here are some photo recaps of our great weekend.

 Friday night was the big First Citizen's Banquet that the Chamber puts on annually. Here we see Eric eating lobster body, bison steak and veggies cooked in a citrus sauce. 

This was our desert. A chocolate carnival or something like that. It has the night's theme on that piece of chocolate, 'Legends & Legacies.'

 Rep. Greg Walden stopped by and helped raise $2400 for the Chamber. I shook his hand and said hello. Guess who was with him?? His new Top Policy Advisor and my old bishop, Ray Baum. It was great to see him! 

 Eric and his busty trophy wife (sorry if that's inappropriate). 

 Saturday was an arduous day. We did a lot of moving of stuff for my mom and the kids into her new place (more on that later). We were able to meet up with my great long time friend and bridesmaid of wedding last, Teresa. Here she is with new beau Morgan. It was incredibly difficult to get a decent shot of the both of them. They're crazy! 


 Sunday morning. The kids were pooped! 

 And then they wrestled on our bed. The weekend with a full house reminded us to appreciate this kid-free time in our lives. Including sleeping in on the weekends.

 Max and Eric decided to explore the attic crawl space. 

 Max's feet. Neat. 

 Then we snuck out on to the roof. Don't tell Mom. Only the older, dumber boys went up that high, though, I assure you. 

 Riley and I. And my husband. 

 There were A LOT of games of Yahtzee over the weekend. I think Riley and Eric played at least 20, seriously. 

 This is the stairwell in the new house. Which is a two story duplex. Think it was a polygamy home - it has a door by the butler's pantry that connects the two sides. It's over 100 years old! 

 The huge kitchen! The downstairs had ten foot ceilings. They're tall! 

 I took the inaugural bath in this clawfoot tub. It was a delight. 

The window to the roof. 

We came home Sunday quite ready for bed. Seems like I still haven't caught up from the busy weekend. Hope you're all enjoying the week. We've spent every night glued to the Australian Open. Tonight we had The Jimmer Show on the computer and the Women's Semi-Finals on the TV. Gotta love good competition.

Good night!


Heather Lee said...

The new house looks wonderful!

Stephanie said...

I looked at all the table decorations from the chambers post. What an excellent event. I would love to decorate a table. It was like North Powder's Silver Tea x 100!