Thursday, January 20, 2011

What I Do

Here is a sampling of some of the more fun things I get to do while working for the Pendleton Chamber of Commerce:

A laborious project. Invitation to the 55th Annual First Citizens' Banquet. The powers that be wanted it to mimic a "WANTED" poster style I'd done for a 'Hospitality Posse' class announcement. Once I got the main elements put together, I was able to pick and choose different parts to use on other projects for tomorrow's BIG event.

This is my latest effort to classy up and streamline the monthly chamber newsletter. It's got the western cowboy feel, without feeling hoaky. At least that's what I was attempting. I think everyone is still adjusting because it is a pretty modern update to your regular ol' newsletter. At the same time, it isn't exactly what I would like because you have to please others and it is a newsletter, after all. 

This is my attempt at producing a requested logo. Pendleton recently earned this honor from True West Magazine. I wanted it to feel like some recent branding that came down from Widen+Kennedy (an ad firm in Portland) for EOVA (Eastern Oregon Visitor's Association) on advertising Eastern Oregon to tourists. 

And this is just me playing with some recent photos that've been entered into our photocontest for our new web site (to be launched April-ish). I turned the logo white and went with it. They aren't perfect, but they were fun to do in the 20 extra minutes I had this afternoon.

Okay, that is all for now. Tomorrow we have our big event of the year, a many course dinner and awards ceremony for over 470 people - the event sold out in about two days. I'm looking forward to the bison steak and lobster tail, as well as the chocolate desserts - I got a private tasting with a few other committee members. Eric's going to wear a tie. I'm going to wear a little black dress. It's going to be fab.

Happy weekending!


Stephanie said...

I Love Pendleton! You make it look so inviting. Keep up the good work.

Kylee said...

Hope that you two had a great time and you do such an amazing job!

njcrofts said...

Oooh pretty! I especially love the invitation design. Your job looks like fun!

Suzanne said...

Hey there, I am Eric's aunt, I'm married to his Uncle Douglas. You are very talented Alexa. Pendleton looks very inviting.