Sunday, January 9, 2011

Walla Walla Weekend Weekend

Eric has a bad bout of cabin fever ... coupled with his intense SAD (seasonal affective disorder) ... he needed for us to take a day trip. I feel like we're never just "home" for the weekend - New Year's Weekend seemed like the first. But, knowing he needed to get out, I was up for some exploration. We slapped some Beatles in the seedy player, hit highway 12 and bolted out of the great state of Oregon and to our sister state Washington.

Walla Walla is only an hour away, but it was a nice breath of fresh air. It helped that the skies were blue and the sun graced us with its scarce winter presence.

We stopped in to our Future-Brother-in-Law Stan's place of employment, The CookieTree Bakery. Oh yeah, I forgot to mention in our Christmas post that he popped the question to Liz on Christmas Day.
(It's off to a good start, I'd say.)

We said yo to the new addition to the family and snagged a gigantic peanut butter cookie and continued
on our way.

 There was a little park in between two buildings on Main Street, and this was on one of the buildings.

We wanted to get a picture of the river and us and the gorgeous sun, but the sun was too blinding, so there is no river, just our cuteness. 

They had these cool clocks in the downtown area. We enjoyed just strolling, checking out the centurion church buildings, Goodwill, the guitar shop, the toy shop, and the bookstore. We exercised a shocking amount of self control and purchased nothing.  

At five o'clock we were some of the first to slip into the Aloha Sushi Restaurant. 

It. Was. So. Good! We wanted more! We're still talking about it today. Mmm. I'm pretty appreciative that I found a husband to share my love of Japanese food with. 

We made it home around 7, prepared our talks for Sacrament meeting today and fell asleep watching The Rainmaker.

We've enjoyed a nice calm Sabbath. Today we spoke to the entire congregation - me about true happiness and Eric about putting off the natural man. We enjoyed a mellow afternoon visiting with his family and eating "farmer's casserole." Now we're tucked in, sending positive mojo to our boys down in AZ, reading up the latest predictions for the big game. Here's a small indication of the kind of Duck love that flows freely in our home - Eric was found, in the bathroom, fully clothed, wearing his yellow and green Oregon sunglasses, singing the lyrics to "I Love My Ducks" to himself in the mirror.

Anyway ...

It's been snowing on and off, but even January snow can't dampen the niceness of this weekend. Hope yours was a delight, too!


Stanley Petersen said...

I know this is not facebook, but LIKE!!! Where on earth is that sweet wall at? I want to take an engagement photo there! Next time you go to Aloha Sushi try the Godzilla.

Heather Lee said...

That is the coolest flippin' wall ever.