Friday, January 14, 2011

Not like Her

In an effort not to end like Lot's wife, I've decided rather than look back over 2010 I'd look look forward to the many opportunities and experiences that 2011 might offer.

Besides, if you really want my 2010 in recap, you can just look through my blog archives!

Here is just a sampling of what I'm looking forward to this year ...

  • Getting all our Thank-You cards sent out. We haven't forgotten you! 
  • Eric's birthday. We'll be the same age for 4 1/2 months!
  • My first married Valentine's Day.
  • Trips, trips and more trips. Mainly weekend trips, but some a little bit longer - examples will be forthcoming in this list. 
  • Elizabeth's (Eric's sister) wedding to Stanley in March, in Portland. We hope to see the Blazers play the Spurs while we're there. And maybe there will be tulips up by then in the Rose City. 
  • Our Church General Conference in April. We plan on going to Utah for an extended weekend and visiting with friends and family, and eating sushi at a place Uncle Ken has told us about! 
  • Practicing fishing! We got rods and reels and bait for Christmas and I'm anxious to get out on our first fishing trip! 
  • Learning more tennis. Eric got me my very own tennis racket. I'm looking forward to not being such an embarrassment to my tennis star husband. 
  • Sisters on the Fly camping trips! Which includes finally readying 'My Carolina' for the road! Lights, paint, registration! (here is some of the before and after) ... 
  • Lots of family time in July - including a quick trip down to California to check in with my Grandpa Lee and then swinging back up to Prineville for a week-long Lougee Family Reunion. 
  • Harry Potter 7 Part Two. Do you feel another countdown paper chain coming on??? 

  • A new NCAA Football season - don't tell Eric, but I actually really enjoyed following this season and look forward to next. 
  • Professional Bull Riding at the 101st Pendleton Round-Up. 
  • Celebrating our One Year Anniversary.

And I'm sure there will be many unexpected and good things to add to this list as the year moves along. Looking forward to these experiences makes dreary winter days much more bearable!

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