Sunday, April 17, 2011

Blossom Fest

Eric and I headed west for the much anticipated Blossom Festival held in the Hood River area every spring.  Usually, this time of year, the many acres and acres and acres of fruit trees are in full bloom and beautiful.

We got there on a Saturday, anticipating rain and gray skies. We had more gray sky than rain, but the trees were just starting to bloom. Beautiful, but not it's peak! We still had fun trudging along, stopping at fun fruit stands, a country store, a yard sale, and a thrift store. We walked away with a satisfying bounty of a 10 cent rusty bucket, fresh apple cider, hand picked pears, and an awesome springy tie that my stud muffin wore to church today. We also sampled a lot of jams, cookies and mustards. Not a bad day!

In Eric's sweet efforts to treat his woman right, he set up a picnic for us in the back of the van (we were anticipating rain) - taking out the back seat, laying out a blanket and bringing along a cooler with goodies. It was far harder to find an ideal picnic spot than we had anticipated and ended up sitting in the back of the van, at an abandoned cement industrial area along the river and across from a large bee farm. As soon as we opened up the cooler the bees flocked and me - freaking out because I've never been stung, and giving in to my hypochondriac tendencies of thinking I'm probably allergic - insisted we shut the back door. It was really quite funny and Eric's sweet efforts have only further endeared him to me.

Before we get to the photos, here are some fun facts about the Hood River & Oregon fruit production:

  • Oregon produces enough pears to stretch back and forth from Portland to New York 16.5 times.

  • Oregon grows enough pears that, if laid end to end, would wrap around the world twice.

  • There are enough pears grown in Oregon to supply every person in the state with about 294 pears each year.

  • Hood River County grows more pears than any other county in the USA.

  • Medford is home to some of the oldest pear orchards in the USA.

  • Pears are Oregon's state fruit.

Now, for the visual fruit:

Eric really wanted his photo taken with the plane in the background. A boy thing?

At Panorama Point or something like that. 

While I was taking pictures, Eric was climbing on roofs in front of the Sheriff's house. A boy thing?

I like barns. 

A lot.  
We really loved Rasmussen Farms. 

You pansy!

Eric was in a gardner's dreamland. 

U-pick daffodils. 

Obligatory couples photo. 

Some of the few blooms we saw. 

I'm not really sure. 

At Draper Sisters. Cute stuff and yummy cider! 

I got four pears. I only sometimes like them, this is one of those times. 

Wanted a picture with his apple cider, a boy thing?

It was a great day trip and we look forward to possibly going in July/August during berry season! 

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