Thursday, April 28, 2011

demarcus the gardner

My handsome handy husband has taken his passion for plants and gardening to the small time. Because we live in an apartment with absolutely NO yard, we've got quite the little garden growing in our living room. 

This is the "herb garden" Mr. Lougee bought me for Christmas. He was sweet enough to get it planted and tends it everyday for me. He's so cute - everyday he was checking for sprouts. And finally each morning for three mornings in a row he would exclaim, "We have more herbs growing!" 
Just like it was Christmas morning all over again! And it's not even the illegal kind of "herb!"  

We also bought a Roma tomato starter plant at Home Depot about 6 or 8 weeks ago. It's growing like a weed! Also featured are the bean sprouts he planted when we boughy seeds for our Sunbeams to take home and grow. 

This part of the garden has radishes, peppers and carrots growing. The tall guys are radishes. 
Who knew they grew like that? Not this wife of a dirt dabbler. 

We are hoping the tomato plant starts sprouting fruit soon. 

Eric next to his proud little garden. In his Easter basket he got a gnome for the garden. We call him Frederick and placed him under the shade of the tomato leaves. 

Also, in both our Easter baskets, we got tiny little pots with lots of different seeds.
Eric, the next day, went to work planting them. 

He's using the cute, gnome-sized gardening tools he got in his Easter basket. 
I think this is a hoe. But what do I know? 

I have to say, it's nice to have such a willing planter and tender of a husband. I get to watch him work and than eat the benefits! 

P.S. I learned from this post that tomato is NOT spelled with an 'e.' Shocking, right? 

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Spencer said...

We totally have that little gnome from Target except ours is green!!