Thursday, April 7, 2011

We need a bigger fridge.

Ha, I was looking at the front of our fridge the other day ... I was putting up my friend Crystal's wedding announcement and I didn't have anymore space! This wasn't the first time this had happened, either. So ... I took down an old wedding announcement - for a couple already married months ago - to make room for a new announcement. I'll have to take a picture of our fridge sometime and show you. But, then I got to thinking about all of our friends and family who have been or will be getting married since last April. And there are A LOT between Eric and me. I'm sure i'm missing some folks here, and I apologize ... and some of them - I'm can't, at this moment, remember their spouse's name - I'm sorry!

(Disclaimer: I had to snag these off of Facebook in the little time I had, so some of them aren't necessarily their engagement photos, but a majority of them are!)

Stephanie Hunt Roush & husband Jared

Krisy Bennett Shaughnessy & husband Michael

Leah Wasson Aldous & husband Kyle

Kara Baxter Potter & husband Brenton

Calvin Hodge & wife Mattie

Ranae Tidwell Rusk & husband Matt

Spencer Flanagan & wife Carly

Elizabeth Lougee Petersen & husband Stan

Marcus Bruce & his new wife

Crystal Kevan & soon-to-be husband Alan Lee
(had to put in the Lee because that's my former last name!)

Mark Mclain Edmonds & soon-to-be wife Nellie

Oh yeah, and us, too!

Ain't love sweet? 


Spencer said...

Privileged to be on your fridge!!

krisy said...

i love this!! it's so cute - and not just because we're on it! ;) it's fun seeing all the different love photos.

Stephanie: said...

hooray I made it first on the list! hahaha I love how many people got married during a pretty short period of time!