Saturday, April 2, 2011

Couples Tennis

Yesterday was an absolutely beautiful and warm day. Even though I(Lexy) had to work, we switched around our evening plans to take advantage of the very spring like weather.

We hit the tennis courts while there was still daylight out. Both feeling rusty! And both enjoying our first back and forth as a married couple and me getting to use my Christmas present for the first time. One of our first dates was playing tennis with my siblings and then getting slushies at 7-Eleven afterwards. I'm pretty sure the slushies were what won my sibs over.

Anyway, so here we are, date night. Though the sky by this time doesn't look so beautiful, it was still very warm. Try not to get blinded by our very wintery white legs!

Afterward we cashed in our free Taco Bell chalupa coupons from the Blazer game and came home to watch a few episodes of How I Met Your Mother. A perfect evening.

Looking forward to General Conference this weekend..... And maybe a yard sale in between sessions!

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