Wednesday, September 7, 2011

From Long Neck Bottle to Mason Jar

Well, here is my 22 week photo. It's only 5 days late, but I took it on Saturday so it's fairly accurate. I put my 20th week photo on there for comparison.
20 Weeks
22 Weeks

I particularly like my face in the most recent photo. Eric was taking forever, so I'm giving him the impatient eye.

In other news, we had our first birthing education class last night. It went until 9:45 PM!
PM, People! 
That's like 15 minutes before I'm usually down for the count. And by count I mean counting sheep.

I kind of felt bad for Eric. I'm sure that's more information about the uterus, the cervix, dilation, and effacing than he ever knew he would know. I kept thinking, "This is really sexy, isn't it?"

There were three other couples there and I felt like they had to be wondering why I we were there when they all looked so much more pregnant than me. We did introductions though, and there was one couple who actually had the exact same due date as us! They're having a boy. She totally had a discernible baby bump and I was torn between jealousy of her bump, but also feeling good that I looked so good for being two days shy of 6 months pregnant!

The best part was the part where I got to lay down, take lots of deep breaths and have Eric instructed to give me a massage for about 20 minutes. De-light-ful.

P.S. The title of this post is more graphic than you realize. 

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leah marie said...

hahahahaha I read your ps. and I'm still laughing. ewwww. love you and cute lil baby bump-ness!