Wednesday, September 21, 2011

The View from Up Here

So Monday, at work, I looked down while on my computer and thought, "Whoa! Stomach!" 

Thought I'd better share. 

So, then I went to the bathroom to see if my stomach was really so large and in charge. 

I also realized I hadn't taken a 24 week photo, so I awkwardly tried to snap one. Yes, folks, this is taken in my office restroom. The one not open to the public, thank goodness. 

Apparently standing has a slightly slimming effect. And a make-an-awkward-smile effect.

I've been feeling pretty 'bleck' lately (bleck is an onomatopoeia that I think I made up), but we've gotten a few things done in the nursery ... or have at least made some progress. 

I will soon post pictures to show you. 

Now, I wish Eric would get home from tying knots and playing bball with 11 year-old scouts so that we could go eat Hawaiian Haystacks and a little "wildberry" pie with Hollburd
Hurry up, dear. 

Also, stay tuned from Birthing Class 101: Part III - what I learned about laboring.

Furthermore, if you are in the Stanfield/Hermiston area this weekend 
A. Shame on you for not telling me. 
B. You should come to this show, I'm super excited about it. 
Plus, my Mom & Aunt will have their booth, Sister Chic on display! Woot.

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Rusks said...

You are to darn cute! i love reading your blogs! i like your belly pictures :)