Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Sweeping and Sleeping and Singing

I know it's been awhile since I wrote much of anything. We're just as busy as ever, yet there's not a whole lot new in our neck of the woods. Haven't done a thing with the nursery since we last worked on it. 

I did sweep the kitchen floor, which is noteworthy  - ask Eric. 

Oh, hey, we also went on like an actual date date last Friday! Eric had a training in Pendleton all day, so we carpooled in the morning to work and enjoyed an evening in Pendleton afterward.

 We ate out at Hamley Steakhouse & Saloon and then caught the community production of Guys & Dolls. My chicken fried steak was kind of bland, but Eric's ribs literally fell off the bone and had a delicious BBQ sauce. I only fell asleep during the show twice. And Eric learned enough of the music to send me love texts Monday with lyrics from "A Bushel and A Peck." 

It was a lovely evening.  

We're looking forward to a weekend getaway in just two days. Picture a quaint cabin for two, in the woods, by a beautiful lake, the forest just powdered with its first layer of snow, a gas fireplace, a jacuzzi tub.... We both have been so busy with school and work and life - we're both really looking forward to just being together without any distractions or a list of things to do. 

Then, of course, comes Thanksgiving. Luckily my next OB appointment is the Wednesday before, because I'm looking forward to some hearty food in the name of fattening up baby girl. 

We did find a few moments to get some pictures taken last weekend - I used Christmas cards as an excuse - but I also just wanted some nice shots of Eric & I during this kind of unique time in our lives and in our marriage. 

So, we haven't picked the picture for cards yet, but it won't be this one.... even though I love the tenderness shown here. My photographer extraordinaire didn't really love the washed out background, but I don't care. I still love this photo and thought I'd share. Because, really, we all look at blogs because of the photos, first, right? 

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