Monday, November 21, 2011

Year One

Saturday, November 19th marked our First Anniversary.

We used it as an excuse to sneak away to Wallowa Lake for some much needed R&R before our little girl arrives.

Last year, on our honeymoon, it snowed - even at Seaside! So as not to break with a new apparent tradition, it began snowing as we entered Elgin and didn't let up for the next 40 miles to the lake. It made for a beautiful setting though. And by the time it finally stopped, after checking into our cabin, fairing the roads of slick and death, and sitting down to a warm, hearty and delicious dinner at the Outlaw Restaurant in Joseph, there was about 4 - 5 inches of snow in town and at least 6 inches by the lake.

It was literally a winter wonderland, complete with deer, pine trees and Christmas music (I couldn't help myself).

Dinner was delish - and being the off season for tourism there were only four other people in the restaurant - twin elderly sisters and their husbands celebrating a birthday. We sat cozy and warm by the gas fireplace, ate our clam chowder and enjoyed our first evening away.

Our cabin was the perfect cozy retreat. There was a gas fireplace - complete with a mounted buck - large windows looking out on the river and mountains. A heated massage chair. A whirpool, jetted bath tub. A kitchen with everything we needed to cook and eat for two.

We enjoyed several games of Yahtzee, college football, IBC rootbeer, Milano cookies, cuddling on the couch, and a feeling of near isolation. It was splendid and so relaxing.

Eric pleasantly surprised me with his good taste and gave me some jewels to mark Year One.

It was cold, but so cozy, so romantic and so needed. Now, onto the photos.

The view out our cabin windows.... 

I don't think Eric could wait anymore, so when we got back from dinner Friday night, he gave me my anniversary gift. Here is the necklace - it came with matching earrings, too. He told me he felt like such an adult, going to a store and picking out jewelry for his wife. And I feel spoiled! 

Saturday morning we ventured down to the lake. 

Swim at your own risk. 

Headed out for dinner Saturday night. 
 We ate at Mutiny Brew Pub. It was a relaxed place to eat with yummy food!

 Another in a seeming series of gross pictures of yours truly. Trying to show off my new accessories. 

Eric really wanted a photo of his forehead wrinkles. 
This is what marriage has done to him, he says. 
Or maybe that's just what I imagined him saying. 

We rolled out of dodge late Sunday morning. 
The sky was finally blue and it made for a gorgeous view of the lake. 

Whoa, belly. 

Whew, one down and eternity to go! 


Rusks said...

That sounds like a fun trip! and your view out your window was gorgeous!

Kylee said...

Love all the pictures, it is beautiful up there. Your gift from Eric is beautiful, you are such a lucky woman.