Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Who wore it best?

Leave it to us to not carve pumpkins until Halloween night! 
The Barkers came over and we shared newspaper, carving tools, techniques and candles. 
Oh, and treats. I think we are determined to make each other fat! 
Holly and .... that dashing fellow with the mullet would be Eric. 

Carving pumpkins fills Burdette's heart with joy. Can't you tell? 

I'd never carved a warty pumpkin before. I learned they have very tough rinds.
Almost exhaustingly too tough. It was a good thing my pumpkin was just a little guy. 

Finished products. Holly, Burdette, Alexa & Eric. Are you spooked? 

It's hard to know what's happening here. 
Now, let's play a little game of "Who wore it best???" 

Party on!

And bring on the holidays! 

1 comment:

HollBurd said...

Um, did I forget to mention that Eric looks so much like Wayne? I mean, they could potentially be twins! Those are some good looking pumpkins. Especially that arrrrr' pirate.