Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Two Weeks

Well, our baby girl is officially two weeks old. It both seems long and short. Short because in the scheme of things two weeks is only a very small fraction (hopefully) of a lifetime. Long because without regular, long intervals of sleep the weeks have felt a bit like one continual day. Like somehow I'm paused on life's time continuum.

We are obviously still getting to know this sweet little girl, but here's what we know so far:

  • Ella's least favorite thing of the day is getting her diaper changed. Unfortunately for her this is something that happens at least 8 times a day, you'd think she'd just get over it by now! 
  • She enjoys riding in the car - as long as she's got a full tummy. 
  • Ella is destined to be competitive eater. She's constantly sticking out her little tongue looking for the next refreshing gulp of milk. 
  • She is trying to make the thinning hair look of 45 year old men a cool style. We'll keep you posted on if that catches on. 
  • She's got a feisty little personality. 
  • She already enjoys getting her nails done. She might be her most calm and serene when this Momma bear is filing her tiny razor nails.
  • By far the most popular adjective used by everyone to describe her is "beautiful." I love it. 
Ella is a little bit of a fusser - and that can be trying at times because you just want your baby to be happy. But, she's also such a sweetie and we love to smother her in sloppy first-time parent kisses and coos. 

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