Saturday, January 7, 2012

What to do when you're due....

Yes people, my due date was Friday. And while I lived through Friday, January 6th, I don't have a baby girl to show for it ... just yet.

So, what's a girl to do when she's due?

Stormy polish.
  • Ignore all warnings about labor vomiting and pooping and continue to eat what you want, including Diet Pepsi and Doritos. 
  • Practice your boxing and tennis skills on the Wii. 
  • Vacuum. 
  • Wander around Wal-Mart, putting random food items in your arms because you were too lazy to grab a cart after you discovered there were no baskets available. 
  • Pick out a fabulous new nail polish - try it on in the store while the girl is restocking shelves right behind and will most definitely smell the fumes - and then buy it. Put it on and feel pretty even with a 40 week pregnant bloated body. P.S. It's called 'Stormy.'
  • Download some new music, including some inspirational tunes for major upcoming, life altering events, by Flo and Kelly.  
  • Find bumpy roads and let husband do the driving! ... But turns out few roads are bumpy in Hermatilla. Give me the Blue Mountains! 
  • Eat fried okra, fish and chips at Chuckwagon - and contrary to the sound of the name, not upchuck. 
  • The only way Eric eats vegetables. Fried. 
  • Go see a movie in the theatre. Preferably the longest one showing, so as to keep you distracted longer. Our choice? War Horse. 2 hours and 35 minutes, baby. And well worth our matinee fees! Go see it if you feel the need to be inspired. 
  • And wait. 

At least that's what I'm doing. 


Fresh and Feisty said...

Sorry, can't relate. Dylan was 11 days early. Woke up around 1 am and threw up/diarrhea so I was clean once we went to the hospital :) I know it's a bit of TMI but really, don't worry about it. The end result is pretty great!

Pamela said...

And this is why I was induced with all 4 of my babies. I'm a planner and impatient! If we don't see you tomorrow, we'll know where you're at! ;)

Sarah said...

I'm sorry, but I'm one of the people who guessed you'd go over. Basically of all my baby making friends (and holy cow there are a lot) I know about 3 who have not gone over.

But on the bright side, you can re-enact one of my favorite little SNL scenes. Any Poehler is at this bar and she's flirting with all these guys and drinking and then all of the sudden you see she's crazy pregnant. Later on she's dancing with a guy and he asks her when her baby is due and she smiles sexily and says: "yesterday." It makes me laugh every time.