Thursday, January 26, 2012

Walk a bye baby

Ella and I needed to get out of the apartment, and since the temperature peaked somewhere around 48-50 degrees, we took a short walk. Short because I didn't know how she would do and because we kept having delays ..... 

Turns out, after some initial protesting Ella bell zonked the whole time. Not even traffic noise or guys wrestling in the Gotta Stop could rouse her from her deep sleep. Guess we'll be taking more walks! 

And I rewarded myself with a Caffeine Free Diet Pepsi and a Baby Ruth candy bar (Baby Ruths are amazing, btw - the oft neglected candy bar). 

P.S. Not to jinx anything (I'm getting more superstitious in my old age, it's true) but Ella has slept the first half of the night the last TWO nights in her cradle. From about 8:30pm to 12:30am .... I'm really optimistic about our future! 

1 comment:

HollBurd said...

Way to brave the gotta stop :) I like your beanie. You look like a cute little mamma, however, I do have to disagree with the baby ruth comment. It's one of the last candy bars on my list.