Wednesday, April 25, 2012


Our internet was out for 36 hours, and it was strange! No Netflix, no Hulu, and no internet. It happened right after we took a little trip to the Umatilla Nature Trails. Afterwards a huge thunderstorm moved in ... not sure if that's why our net was out or not. Anyway, Monday night we spent our FHE out at the Nature Trails. Ella loved it. We had her covered head to toe due to the mosquitoes (baby remained bite free, while I'm still dealing with five itchy little nibbles). But, she seemed to love it. She was alert and captivated the whole time we were there. 

She was wearing A LOT of pink. It was like carrying around a big bottle of Pepto. But, a very cute one.

If I would've paid better attention Monday, I would've realized her little "cough, cough" was turning into a cold. Tuesday morning she woke up congested. I was a little worried how Tuesday night would go, but it was the best night of sleep either of us got in a couple of weeks. It was too good for this paranoid mom. It was 3:30am and I hadn't heard even a peep or "cough, cough" - I woke up Eric and informed him of her peeplessness (he sleeps pretty soundly). He gave me permission to check in on her. She was fine - breathing, one arm wiggled out of her swaddle. She didn't make any peeps the rest of the night. I woke up at 6:30am with more sleep than I'm accustomed to experiencing. At 7:20, Eric suggested we go look at our baby. She was awake, smiling, and most importantly ALIVE. Poor baby, still has lots of boogies, sneezes and little "cough, cough"s (seriously, if I didn't know better, I'd think those coughs were fake they are so little and cute).

So, here's my little owl (she's wearing her first 3-6 month footie pjs), power housing through her first cold. She's still pretty happy but we've declared that we'll stay in our pjs and our apartment today so that she can get better sooner.

These hands are so squishy. Mmm!

Isn't she perfect? (That's a rhetorical question, unless you want to pile on the accolades). 

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