Saturday, April 28, 2012

Weekend Warriors

The Lougees now all have colds. We are cute. 

We're pretending that we don't though. 

Here's some snippets of our weekend thusly. 

Ella played with her little jungle gym.

Eric planted flowers for me. And we put this lone lilac outside, making it the
 initial scapegoat for our runny noses and itchy throats. 

I made peanut butter chocolate chip cookies from scratch.
See my pinterest for the recipe.

I dressed up me and my own Baby Alive in the same clothes. Fer cute.

We met up with Grandma Lougee at McNary Beach, waiting for the Umatilla Ward
youth to get back from a hike and to enjoy some BBQ.
I think Shelly enjoys Grandmahood, don't you?

Black sand.
Not featured: 
Dinner and rumikub with the Barkers. A zombie-like trip to the local Wal-Mart. Internet car-shopping. Drying herbs in the microwave (the legal kind).  New music listening. Eric pinteresting - as he says, he's "the most pinteresting man in the world." And my decoupoging. 
Now we're in our comfies and about to settle in for some Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol.
Good weekending to you!

Here's some tracks for you to appreciate.
Train "Sing Together"
Jason Mraz "I won't Give Up"

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