Monday, April 23, 2012

Old School

So, life has brought us a few changes, but nothing too drastic in the last ten days.

Since we're trying to live within our means on one income we've gone a little old school.

I converted my cell phone plan back to my old Motorola Razr. No, not the Droid Razr, the flip phone razr. It's been exciting. But, really, I was just so glad that all my contacts transfered over from my HTC smartphone to this ol' thing. Plus, it saves us over $30 a month!

Also, Eric and I have been known to enjoy a good cheeseburger from time to time (read: like once a week). Instead of going out, we threw some hamburger patties and bacon on the George Foreman and steak fries in the Fry Dadddy. It was all very healthy, ha! Plus, we'd found some fry sauce BOTTLED at the grocery store (by chance, it was misplaced in the bread isle) - it's called 'Some Dude's Fry Sauce' and is fantastic. I dare say our meal was better tasting and almost as fast as hopping in the car and cruising to the nearest drive through window.

In other Old School news I've decided to try getting some simbalance of my body back the old school way. Instead of sitting on the couch, eating Cheetos and wishing this last ten or so pounds of baby weight would just disappear - I've decided to try the old school method of counting calories and getting some exercise. I've tried this a couple of times since having the babester, but I have to argue that no real lifestyle changes should be made during the first 12 weeks postpartum - it's easy to get off track and even easier to beat yourself up for it. However, this beautiful 80+ degree weather has got me realizing I'll be wanting to be in a bathing suit in just a couple of months and something has got to give. Maybe once I lose this weight, I'll shoot for my wedding day weight. Maybe.

Anyway, that's about it from the Lougee homestead. However, there are some things in the works, and when we get some confirmation, I'll let you know! Stay tuned. 

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HollBurd said...

Ehem... I dare say that a daily walk with some friends is just the ticket... That said, our walks have moved to 9 in the morning rather than the roasty toasty 3 in the afternoon. Just sayin'. Hooray for homemade fast food! Back to poor college couple living. Burdette and I never really graduated out of that stage, so consider us old skool too.