Monday, April 9, 2012

So. Much. Candy.

Here is my baby bunny on her first Easter.

(Missing was her little flower headband she wore,
but it was 8:30pm by the time she finally got her basket)

We had a pleasant day.
Morning church.
Delicious dinner with Grandma & Grandpa Lougee.
Ella napped while Eric, Holly, Anna & I engaged in a Hunger Games style Easter egg hunt.
Okay, maybe it was just me pretending it was the Hunger Games.
FYI, Eric was Peeta and I was Katniss. And I had a bow that doubled as a whip.
(Um, can you tell I devoured that book this week?)

Then we came home and  we all took naps.

Then Eric and I hid baskets of candy for each other. (I ate SO. MUCH. CANDY.)

We capped the night off with an Easter Contada featuring Grandpa & Aunt Holly in the choir. It was so great. Really felt the Spirit of Easter.

Before bed, Ella (who was finally awake for longer than a feeding - she's definitely going through a growth spurt) got her first little Easter basket with her bunny hopper and some plastic eggs.

How was your Easter?

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(Cousin) Madeleine Lougee said...

She is adorable!

P.S. I made the awesome decision to devour those books finals week last semester. So much more captivating than my Peds & OB classes :P