Saturday, May 19, 2012


  • I really am not having fun with this packing jazz. I had a goal to do one room each week for four weeks. Ask me how that's going....okay, don't. Packing is harder than it seems, especially with a baby that feels the need to be held, fed, changed, played with and put down to sleep in a continual cycle. 
  • I'm excited for the summer and to finally graduate from BYU. However, I'm kind of fighting the attitude of wanting to just get the summer over with. Crazy right? But listen, I'll be excited to be settled in our own "home" again - be it some unknown place in La Grande. While Ella still has her demands, they aren't constant newborn demands. I can find some pieces of time throughout the day to be creative, or craft or try a new recipe. I want to work on a couple of scrapbook type things, I want to start practicing using my sewing machine again. I'm ready to start this new part of our lives in a new place. I have lots of little ideas of things I want to do, like selling off stuff for my Aunt Steph, promoting Shabulous, etc. But all of that kind of has to wait. 
  • I miss my Salvage Maid venture. I'm starting to realize I'm quite the dabbler. I have lots of things I like to do, but can never seem to focus on one. But, I miss hitting yard sales, I miss blogging about blogs and finds and new ideas. 
  • My husband is so totally supportive of all my dabbling and inability to focus. Sometimes I'm like that hyperactive 5 year old you see in the store - running from isle to isle so excited by everything. 
  • Stay tuned for September, as the above mentioned husband and I will hopefully be rolling out another little venture of mine. 
  • Ella is so adorable, I'm pretty sure she'll continue getting away with anything throughout her tenure in our home. 
  • I'm thinking about grad school someday. 
Okay, that about covers my need to confess for now. All you Union County kids should keep your eyes and ears peeled for small homes for rent come mid-August. We'd love to have something with a bit of a yard and on the less expensive side of the rental scale. 

And now, a few photos from a little walk the babester and I recently took. 

Sun protection equals a pink sun hat and long sleeve shirt.
Also, she loves to lick the heck out of the carrier. She's strange.

This one is for Eric. Not sure if these people were avid Duck fans or avid Beaver fans.
It could've been taken either way. 

I would love to have a vehicle like this one day to bum around in and haul back my yardsale finds. 

One more baby picture for posterity.

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