Monday, May 7, 2012

Keeping up with the Lougees

Friday found us on our way to Tigard, Oregon in pursuit of a new car. 
Eric drove the white van, while El and I navigated the black car. 
We had been researching cars for a couple of weeks - we knew we wanted a small SUV if possible, used, not a tacky color and within our price range with monthly payments we could manage. We came upon a 2004 Ford Escape from a dealer in Tigard that we really liked. We watched it the whole week, along with a couple other vehicles we were interested in. It turned out to be a good weekend for us to been in the Portland area, as Eric's cousin Madeleine was graduating from University of Portland and getting commissioned into the Army. Lots of Eric's family members would be gathering for a celebration Saturday evening. 

Anyway, when we got to Tigard Friday afternoon it was, of course, raining. We test drove the Escape and really liked it. Everything looked really good, too. However, I had this feeling that it wasn't going to work out. I just felt like we were setting ourselves up for disappointment. The dealer we went to was much smaller than we had realized. We're talking like 20 cars. I figured their financing options would be limited for us. And sure enough, after working out the trade-ins and settling on a price, the financing became our biggest hiccup. They had mostly had customers who worked with credit unions. Because we were from Hermiston, none of the credit unions in the area would service us. So, we went down to US Bank where Eric has an account. The loan specialist there was very optimistic and was just shy of guaranteeing Eric the financing. Well, two hours later, after we'd left the black car in Tigard and were in the pursuit of grub in Lake Oswego, we got that call that they weren't going to offer us financing because Eric - while his credit was good - didn't have four credit cards. 

By then, I was really frustrated and cynical. We decided to eat, head to St. Helens where we would stay with Eric's aunt & uncle, do some researching online and start fresh on Saturday. 

Eating did wonders for my soul. As did our pit stop at the Portland Temple where we got to see the new Visitor's Center. It's tiny, but really nice! I wish they had had it open when we were married so people who weren't able to attend the sealing ceremony, could've kept entertained and out of the rain! 

Here, Eric & Ella are watching the story of an NFL player who retired early to be there for his wife after they lost their triplets while she was pregnant. 
We took Ella up to touch the temple. 

So, while at Angie's & Robert's they recommended OnPoint Community Credit Union - which we'd already tried, but we lived out of their service range. But, they mentioned they'd gotten financing for their vehicle through them - when US Bank had always given them such a hassle. Well, turns out if you have a family member who is an OnPoint member, you can join, too. So we printed out the membership application, filled it out and took it down to a branch close to the dealership the next morning. Within an hour they'd gotten us signed up and financed - no hassle! And an awesome interest rate and very low payment. We couldn't have been more pleased. By 1:30 we were driving our new car. A big kudos goes out to Eric for his perseverance, he never gave up and I was ready to several times. Right before heading into the Credit Union, he ate some "man jerky" and said he was ready to go in and be a man and get us our car. And that he did!
Ella and I waited in the van while Eric was in the Credit Union.
She was such a good girl during the long Friday & Saturday. 

Eric's glad. 
 We got lunch and found a park near where the grad celebration would be that evening. 

Yummy salad from Chipotle. 

At the park. He fetched my jacket like a good boy.

At the grad party with Grandma Lougee. This was the first time she had met Ella. Don't mind my face. 

Blurry photo of the aunts & uncles. David, Cheri & her husband Dennis, Bonnie, Doug, Grandma, Betty Rae & her husband Scott. Some how Doug's wife, Suzanne, avoided the photo op. 

It was fun to see everyone and to have them meet Ella. I hadn't realized it had been so long, but we haven't seen them since the family reunion last July. We hope to make a weekend trip down to Prineville in June when Eric is done with work. Also, we neglected to get a photo of the graduate. So I snagged this cute photo off facebook. 

Olivia, Madeleine, Isabelle and Seth.
Ella really liked all of them. She cuddled right up to Seth for like 15 minutes.
Good thing he goes to EOU, so he can babysit for us in the fall! 

It was so lush and green on the west side. Beautiful. 
It was a long trip home, but we made it! Unfortunately I don't have more photos of the car, Eric took it to work this morning. But, we're very happy. We got it for well under the Kelly Blue Book suggested retail value for a dealership. There are a couple little things to work out, but all in all, it's a great vehicle. It has 4WD, Alloy Wheels, Luggage Rack, Running Boards, Sun/Moon Roof, Towing Package, Air Conditioning, Cruise Control (this we found out on the way home, needs looked at), Power Door Locks, Power Mirrors, Power Seats, Power Steering, Power Windows, Rear Defrost, Tilt Steering, Tinted Windows, AM/FM Radio, 6 Disc CD Changer, Keyless Entry, Antilock Brakes, etc.  Only one owner and a clear carfax. 

And the good thing about now being members of OnPoint, is that we could see going through them to get financing for a home someday. We've definitely been converted to credit unions over banks! 

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Kylee said...

Congrats on the new car! I would have wanted to give up or the "Storm" would have come out. Also, this will make my future husband happy since he works for a credit union.