Thursday, May 24, 2012

you should've seen it in color

A few days ago, El and I had a mini photo shoot. Here's a few of the results. 

I made the comment to Eric the other day that sometimes it feels like what I do with my day seems so insignificant. After all, my day is measured in naps, feedings and diaper changes. Then last night, as I was rocking her in my arms getting her ready for bed, I commented how "they" as in babies, don't stay little for very long. How in a year we'll probably have ourselves a little walker and talker who barely fits cradled in my arms. 
With that perspective, every little day seems so significant. 
I love this little girl so much. 
She truly has been my sunshine. 


Terryl said...

LOVE the pic's Lex! Seeing things like that puts things in perspective! It's hard when we put expectations on ourselves when we are already doing one of the most important things in life! You both are so beautiful in these pictures!

Terryl said...

This is Nancy btw, I am signed in Terryl's g-mail. :)

Jake and Kate said...

does your girl date younger boys? She should. One is on the way. :)