Saturday, January 10, 2009

Christmas in Retrospect

Good news! My computer is allowing me to move about some what normally, and upload pics! That means treats for you all!

Some pictures from our "roommate Christmas," before we all departed to our seperate ends of the earth.

Kate, sporting the scarf I gave her (courtesy of my mother's knitting skills), wearing on her hand the sock Kara gave her, and reading the book of Hebrew words that Neisah gave her

All of us (looking so good) with all our little treats

Morgan and I after wrapping presents for my fam

All my highschool gal pals (plus our friend Will) at a gathering I held. Some are getting married, some are graduating, some are going to exotic lands....I love 'em! This is the most people we've had together in a long time. It was great. Oops, I seemed to have forgotten to get Christmas Day pictures from off of Zoey's camera. My bad. Moving right along....

Morgan, Jordan, and I, the Sunday after he got back from his mission.

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