Friday, January 9, 2009

For all you complainers out there.

Okay, so, for everyone's information my computer is sick. It has a virus or something and it makes downloading/uploading pictures very difficult. Also, I'm having to work from the other account on my computer, not my own account. Thus, I have no access to already imported photos and music. I figured none of you would want to read a post without any pictures.

For whatever reason, when I push the "add image" button on blogger dashboard, it doesn't appear. So I can't give you any photos. I am sorry. Hopefully that'll change soon.

Had a delayed start of school this week, missing both Monday and Tuesday classes because of snow and road treachery. Wednesday I went to my first class "Family Finances" and had an hour orientation for my skiing class. Yesterday was a long day with three classes. I am taking "Writings of Isaiah" for my last religion course of college (at least the last one required to graduate), I also have "Marriage Prep" that day and Politcal Science 202: History of Western Political Philosphy. I am excited about that class because four members (including me) of the BYU College Republicans board are in that class. I also have an online .5 health course. I am only taking 12 credits, which makes for a more relaxed semester.

Currently I am working on my application to get into the Communications: Print Journalism emphasis. It is due next Friday, the 16th, and could use all the prayers I can get (that means you should pray for me). I also am going to be working on applications for internships this summer, and looking for a flexible job to help subsidize life.

I might have a date tonight, if boy gets off work at a decent hour. Just a late movie or something. Met him through Kara's friend Dan, who is also my friend.

Um, it's been sunny and beautiful here these last few days.

Oh, went to a matinee of "Bride Wars" with my roomies Kara and Kate today. Funny, cute, a girly movie, but I think one that guys could get a chuckle out of.

Okay, that's my update, now lay off me! ;-)

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Brittney said...

ya gotta do what ya gotta do girl. it's nice to read something from ya though ;)