Sunday, June 13, 2010

Maiden Voyage

This weekend marked a mini-maiden voyage for My Carolina. Our Church held it's area 'Mother/Daughter Outing' where all Moms and Daughters can get together and go camping up by Catherine Creek (can I just tell you that that creek is no creek, it is one roaring river right now).

Aunt Steph met Zoey, Riley and I up at her Cove property where Carolina's been dwelling. We were using Mom's car to pull Mom's trailer and Steph was going to pull my trailer. But, in a twist of bizarre-ness, as she was reversing to hitch up the trailer, Zoey and I noticed there was no ball hitch on the back of her pick-up. Apparently someone had stolen it right off the back of her truck while at work! Luckily uncle Gareld had an extra in the cab ... but without a bolt and pin to attach it to the truck. After a bit of a scavenger hunt, we were able to find a bold and a make shift pin. We attached and were off.

We arrived to the campground sans a ticket from the State Police (I'm missing lights on my trailer, thank goodness nobody noticed). We scouted a good spot for two trailers, and after some tweaking we got the trailers in position.

The next hours were filled with camping goodness. Including a little hike:

It was sooo green and soooo wet! It was a nice little hike though.

Mom made it up after work in time for crafts. Steph was in charge of doing crafts, and these were the lavender sachets we made.

We finished out the night making s'mores. Mmmm!

Hailey and Grandma came up for a few hours, too!

After playing a few rounds of Uno, we hit the sack. My trailer must be cozy enough, Zoey slept like a log ... for 11 hours! We won't mention Mom reversing into her trailer and wedging it into the back of her car. We will, however, talk about the Cove Drive-In ice cream we girls were treated to two days in a row! Mmmmm!

It was a good test run for my trailer and makes me more anxious to get it ready for Sisters in August.

In other news ... mark your calendars and make your plans, I'm getting married!!!

Just kidding, but I am graduating/walking in August. Commencement is Thursday, August 12th at 4pm and Convocation is Friday, August 13th at 8:15am. This may be your only chance to see me in a gown for the foreseeable future, so you might want to be there!


Stephanie said...

Great weekend adventure. We girls will figure out this trailer thing a little at time...and I already have graduation on the calender. It will be exciting! Good job!

kbax said...

i do believe that is my ring, no? glad you had a glorious weekend. so good to live the country life for a while right?