Monday, June 7, 2010

Ol' Farm Hen

I'm absolutely borrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrred at work. So, I will post some photos from our weekend adventures!
Steph's 'Hen House' from behind. 

We stopped along the back roads in such quaint places as Waitsburg and Clarkston for some antique shopping. 
Once a tree hugger, always a tree hugger (this photo dedicated to Jordan Waite).
This was our campsite along the river. So peaceful.
This line wrapped around the block and took an hour to get through. Ca-razy!
Don't the sky and clouds look like a painted Hollywood backdrop?
Bartering at it's finest.
On Saturday evening Steph, Grandma and I took a nice walk around Riverside State Park.

The view from this massive wood bridge that spanned the river. Grandma was sure I was going to jump overboard.

I had a good first Farm Chicks experience, you could probably even call me an old farm hen by now. I'll have to show you some of my treasures at a later date. It also made me really excited for 'Sisters in Sisters' camping in August! Woot!

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Stephanie said...

Awesome weekend. It's fun seeing pictures you took. I'll get some of mine posted too.