Wednesday, July 27, 2011


Yesterday was another routine doctor's appointment. 

I was weighed.
I was measured. 
I was found wanting
to eat. 

And we heard our babushka's heart rate going nice and strong. 

We also scheduled our next ultrasound for August 31st. 

So make your final guesses now

Boy or Girl

But arguably the best thing about yesterday's appointment? Mr. T (aka my baby doctor) officially okay'd cannonballs in pools, lakes and other watery venues. No hot tubs, not water slides, but this mama can still do cannonballs! 
Oh the simple things. 

I had to ask after scowls and scolding from my baby daddy during last week's Lougee Family pool parties
(I accidentally typed "poop parties" there and thought about leaving it, hahaha)
 at the hotel during the reunion. 

And yes, I know you're still highly anticipating Vacation Part II: Lougee Lovefest. 
That might not happen for a few more days. Sorry! 


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I think Holly has talked me into thinking it's girl as well. She swears it's so.

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