Friday, July 8, 2011

Consider this...

Consider this my official nomination of Eric D Lougee into the running for THE BEST husbando.
He's truly been a saint these past two months - when I say we're pregnant, it's true! This poor boy has had to spend many a night on the couch watching me moan and complain about nausea and barfing and tiredness when I'm sure he'd much rather us be out on the tennis court. And he never complains about me turning the apartment into a large freezer by blasting the AC. He just grabs a quilt. The list of his good deeds could go on for a while - so here's just a small example.

Yesterday I came home early from work - feeling pretty much like a worthless, pale, blob .... Eric, after working a full day and putting in 3 hours with school stuff, ran to the store for me. He picked me up the only thing that sounded like my stomach might keep it down - Campbell's Chicken & Dumpling Soup, minus the chicken, and some ginger ale. 

He came home, warmed up my soup, brought me some Tylenol and a single red rose. Isn't he sweet? 

And so, I officially nominate him for being The Best! 

Don't mind the tacky "Love U Longtime" signature. 

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